Last Updated 07-22-2018-08:00:01 PM GMT

Today's Efforts

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Full Bardsey Climb

James Heron52400:08:4422Jul2018_06:30:43DivisionGrimpeurM2018-07-22T06:30:43Z654654
Martin Giles VSCC86800:14:2822Jul2018_09:28:16Division2M2018-07-22T09:28:16Z395395

Col de East Keswick

Chris Dooley VSCC10800:01:4822Jul2018_17:53:00Division1M2018-07-22T17:53:00Z666666
Ged Coll VSCC14000:02:2022Jul2018_11:14:31Division3M2018-07-22T11:14:31Z514514V50